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honda bf100
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy keithn410 (IP Logged)
Date: 05/17/2011 04:00PM

hi can anyone please help me with a problem i am having with my 10hp honda 4-stroke? after being wintered in my garage i cant get it to start? its older type with points and condensor dosent seem to be firing? where do i start?

Re: honda bf100 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Matelot-chef (matc) | E: Master Seaman (MS) lamimartin (IP Logged)
Date: 05/17/2011 06:36PM

I've got a 45 year old 4 stroke lawn mower (Toro), a 1980 Honda Motorcycle (CM400), a 1989 Craftsman snow blower (Tecumseh 8HP) and a 1986 2 stroke Evinrude 8HP outboard. They ALL use carburators and ALL require the same basic storage and 1st start procedure. To keep such vintage engines in good condition, you need to take a few basic precautions:

End of season: (prevent moisture in oil and cylinders to cause internal rust pitting and bearing corrosion)
Change oil with engine hot (4 strokes engines).
Add the best fuel stabilizer you can find to fresh PREMIUM gas (no ethanol), run the engine to fill the carb with stablized gas, shut off the engine, shut off the gas petcock, fill the reservoir and spray a few ml of foggin oil in the cylinders (cold engine) trough the and spark plug holes and gently crank one cycle to spread evenly the fogging oil in the cylinders. Replace the spark plug by hand .
Change the gear oil.

Beginning of the season:
Install new spark plugs, open gas petcock, check for clean air filter.
Place the outboard engine in a water drum on neutral. Without water, your water pump impeller will be ruined in seconds, and the engine will quickly overheat.
First start in a warm environment (15-20C minimum). Cold temperature will make 1st start much harder.

In case of problem: (you may have added too much fogging oil)
Try with fresh gasoline (always PREMIUM, never regular unleaded that contains ethanol).
Check your new spark plugs, If oily, they won't fire, you must clean or replace them.
Inject 1-2 ml of fresh gas in the cylinders, replace the spark plugs and start the engine. This is likely going to flush the fogging oil and restore normal working conditions.
With the engine warm, spray carb cleaner into the air intake or add Seafoam fuel treatment to your gas to clean up your carb completely of any remaining residue. Adjust your idle speed and you are OK for the season.

If the above does not work, fist thing to do is to test engine compression. It will tell you if Worn out compression rings, or valve need adjustment. How to tell the difference ? If adding a few drops of engine oil in the cylinders with low compression restores compression to normal level, your piston rings are worn. If it has no effect, your valves are worn, defective or out of adjustment. In all cases, you will need a qualified mechanic to fix the problem.

If compression is normal and no gas appear to get into your engine, carb is likely gummed up. If fuel appear to get in, but there is no spark, ignition system requires a tune up.

I hope this is telling you an idea on where to start and how to prevent problems with proper storage procedures. According to my Evinrude shop manual, over 75% of ourboard failures are the result of neglected maintenance, so most problems are preventable.

For more details, you may like to order the shop manual for your outoboard. This will allow you to perform minor and more serious maintenance (such as water pump impeller replacement) without risk of causing more damages than you can save by doing it yourself.

Fair winds !

Martin, Sandpiper 565 #925

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 05/17/2011 08:51PM by lamimartin.

Re: honda bf100 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy keithn410 (IP Logged)
Date: 05/18/2011 04:31PM

hi martin thanks for the advice i will try it this weekend and see if i can get it going. ive read so many forums giving advice but everyone sems to have different views on these old outboards. the engine itself is in very good condition for its age but the local honda dealer says they no longer make spare parts for these engines. i am reluctant to buy another engine because this one ran so well when it did go. many thanks. keith. ( scotland u.k. )

Re: honda bf100 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Matelot-chef (matc) | E: Master Seaman (MS) lamimartin (IP Logged)
Date: 05/18/2011 08:31PM

Hi Keithn
The fact parts are no longer manufactured does not mean it can't be found. There are some parts that are also made by 3rd party according to OEM specs that are often available years after the OEM is discontinued and out of price.

Vintage engines require more expertise from the owner, and ... more efforts to find required parts. Honda dealers will be reluctant to take your ourboard for repair simply because they are afraid to be stuck with a long delay finding necessary parts, if they can be found. It should only be a concern if your engine requires a major overhaul. Otherwise, if compression is OK, you should be able to find all necessary parts to keep it in good health (using internet sites such as [] as alternate part providers). Of course, you will have to stock some critical parts and control your shipping cost by ordering several spare parts at once, but it is much cheaper than a new outboard !!! Worst case scenario, it will remain a good spare engine.

In my case, for instance, I could no longer find an OEM propeller for my outboard, which is a long shaft geared for sailboats, I found a very close match in terms of pich size and diameter, so if I damage my OEM propeller, I can run with a spare while my OEM got repaired.

Good luck !

Martin, Sandpiper 565 #925

Re: honda bf100 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy keithn410 (IP Logged)
Date: 05/19/2011 03:37PM

hi martin
i had heard that the volvo penta (of the same age) 10hp was just a honda with a volvo badge! ive seen one or two on ebay and they do look identical as far as ebay pictures go so i dont think it should be too hard to obtain parts that are 2nd hand. the engine although old is just too good to lie gathering dust!.

thanks again. keith.

Re: honda bf100 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy briannaP (IP Logged)
Date: 02/08/2012 05:25AM

Talk about Honda in here, have you guys heard the news about a woman who sued Honda? I read in an article recently that a judge in Torrance, Calif. ruled Wed in favor of woman suing auto-giant Honda in little claims court. The woman's grievance hinged on mileage claims produced by Honda that it could not back up. The woman's productive lawsuit could embolden other individual consumers to take comparable stands in their grievances with powerful corporate organizations. Source of article: Woman wins settlement in Civic Hybrid case

Re: honda bf100 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Amiral (am) | E: Admiral (Adm)F : Amiral (am) | E: Admiral (Adm) Yves JULIEN (IP Logged)
Date: 04/12/2012 10:10AM

Hi Brianna,

I don't think it's only Honda that will have such problems. I tried a Toyota Prius a feww weeks ago. Toyota claimed that the millage is around 4.7 liters/100 km. But I tried it and the counter on the car was telling me I was doing ± 9 liters / 100 km...

And I was not driving crazy or else, the salesman was next to me...



Re: honda bf100
Posted by: F : Capitaine de vaisseau (capv) | E: Captain (Capt(N)) Jacques P (IP Logged)
Date: 11/19/2013 09:43AM

Of tour outboard started last season it should start this year.
First step, use fresh and clean gasoline preferably ethanol free and make sure there is no water remaining in the bottom of the tank.
Step two, purge the carburetor , to do this, you only have to unscrew the plug located under the carburetor.
Step three, purge the supply line (hose) with fresh gasoline.
Step four, check the ignition this way:remove the sparks plugs, ground them one at a time, crank the engine and check if you can see a spark between the electrodes.
Step five, check the gap of the spark plugs before installing them.
Finally try to start your engine, it should start unless you have carburetor problem . One of the most popular one is blocked orifices, in this case, there is not enough fuel in the cylinders. To confirm it, you could try to inject some in the air inlet port of the carburetor before starting it. If it start and stall, your carburetor need to be cleaned.
Hoping this will be helpful to you.

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