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Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion) (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Bernie Morris (IP Logged)
Date: 02/25/2011 12:19PM

We have a Kelt 7.6, bought it 3 years ago. Came with a Nissan 8 hp 2-stroke. Cannot fit larger (ie Yamaha 9.9) into motor well. Tried 9.8 Nissan 4 stroke on transom. did not like cavitation in rough seas, and did not like the reach involved to change gears or use throttle. Also do not like motor hanging 2 feet off my stern. So back to the motor well. I now have a Nissan 6 hp 4-stroke in the motor well. Lightweight and easy to remove ( I am in the Pacific ocean, so corrosion and fouling would be a problem if you leave the motor in.) I like it but is noisy (1 cylinder) and under powered.
So my question is, Has anyone tried a short leg motor on a Kelt 7,6 inside the motor well? Long shafts add more weight. Do I need the long shaft? I am looking at a new Yamaha 2010 8 hp 2 stroke short shaft that only weighs 60 lbs.
Thanks, Bernie in Victoria BC

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Matt (IP Logged)
Date: 03/26/2011 10:42AM

I am win a Kelt 7.6 and would like to be part of a Kelt Assoc-- can any one recommend a Boomkicker for the Kelt 7.6 I am thinking of installing one,

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion) (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy paulmurphy (IP Logged)
Date: 05/12/2011 02:52PM

Can anyone help me find a rubber gasket supplier for the forward hatch. My 7.6 Kelt was built in 1982 in Canada.

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion) (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy paul murphy (IP Logged)
Date: 05/12/2011 09:17PM

anyone know where to purchase a replacement gasket for the forward hatch of a Kelt7.6 built in Canada in 1982? Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion) (Comment or Suggestion)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Philip Mitchell (IP Logged)
Date: 05/13/2011 04:03AM

Hi from dublin Ireland i am a proud owner of a kelt 9.00 i keep it in howth yacht club as for a kelt club there is one in holland if you want there email let me know and i will look it up for you
Regards Philip

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy DavidWOT (IP Logged)
Date: 06/28/2011 11:03AM

Bernie, et al - I have short shaft experience while also exploring optimal newer 4-stroke long shaft motors to replace my current motor (more on that later, below) I purchased my Kelt 7.60 in Nov 2009. It came with a 1995 Suzuki 8hp Two Stroke, short shaft. I started perusing the web and discussion groups as I am thinking of replacing it. Since I just discovered mine is a short shaft, I thought my experience would be helpful for you. I decided to look at new motors because I am getting tired of the noise and fumes associated with my 2-stroke in the motor well. I prefer to use the well too, but prefer it with less noise and fumes. My 95 Suzuki 2-stroke seems somewhat underpowered, but does generally get the job done. I am in Lake Ontario so don't have the problems associated with keeping the motor in the well/water and potential growth, etc (though I think others with their boats in the ocean do keep the motors in the well successfully). I have included (below) my recent post to the Weebly Kelt group (URL above) re my investigations/questions re newer 4-stroke motors, but let me respond to your question 1st:

Despite my preference for a 4-stroke motor with less noise and fumes, I can still say that my 95 Suzuki 8hp short shaft 2-stroke still does the job. It will rise toward the surface in waves, though I don't think entirely, and certainly not like it would hanging off the back. I base this on the sound as such, but haven't looked to see how close it comes to the surface, while it doesn't sound to me that the prop has ever come out of the water. So, if you prefer to use a short shaft, I believe it should work ok, at least in moderate sea conditions, and as long as the cooling pump still has access to the water.

NEWER 4-STROKE MOTORS: Re my venture into a new or newer 4-stroke motor: I understand from other group discussions that both the late model Honda 9.9 and Yamaha 9.9 do not fit properly, the Honda requiring notable structural modifications. I also learned that the Yamaha 8hp fits and runs the boat well. (I also found a detailed dimensional drawing of the Yam-8 on the web which verifies fit.) Additionally, I found a Merc 9.9 Bigfoot (Bigfoot = higher gear ratio for sailboats, pontoon boats & trolling) on Kijiji yesterday. The seller measured the distance between the rear inside of the mounting bracket/slot to the rear of the cowling at approx 18". I measured we only have approx 17.5" clearance (maybe a bit more, including if you take the wood mounting board off the mount bar - One member states an 18 inch clearance). So I think the Merc 9.9 Bigfoot would be tight at best.

At this point I am very pleased by the reports on the Yamaha High Thrust 8 (4 stroke) and just about to further explore splurging on one. The high-thrust is based on a higher gear ratio, allowing a larger prop at lower RPM, reportedly giving the bite and torque beneficial to lugging/maneuvering our heavy fixed keel boats through the harbour. (Though I have to say coming into dock at idle speed, between 7.5 to 5 kts has been quite decent with my Kelt.)

Any other thoughts/experience with the newer 4-strokes?

Thanks much! - David Wysocki, "Moon Chaser", Frenchman's Bay, Lake Ontario

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy DavidWOT (IP Logged)
Date: 06/29/2011 07:56AM

UPDATE: I forgot to mention re my Suzuki 8hp - Whereas it will push the boat forward well enough, reverse is another story. From a standstill, backing out of the dock, it will respond well enough, but if I have any forward momentum whatsoever, I need to plan on shifting it into reverse, go down and make a coffee, and it may have responded by the time I come back up. A surveyor recommended a larger prop, possibly with more pitch, but the local boat/motor shop reported not possible. I find it difficult to believe the latter, but decided to live with it as I contemplate possibly a new motor. - David

Re: Kelt Owner Association (Comment or Suggestion)
Posted by: F : Matelot-chef (matc) | E: Master Seaman (MS) lamimartin (IP Logged)
Date: 06/30/2011 11:58PM

You have mentionned lower gear ratio, larger prop and different pitch as being desirable options for heavy displacement hulls such as sailboats. I agree entirely with you.

You may even have noticed some sailboat oriented engines offer the option of four blades instead of three on the propeller. Such options are relatively hard to find on outboards below 10HP. Prop choices are very slim for some brands and models. Even if there was a choice when it came out, it is often discontinued after 10-15 years.

For instance, I've got a very popular outboard: Yatchwind (sailboat long shaft, also sold as Johnson) Evinrude 8 HP (1983) and the original 9.25" x 6" pitch prop is no longer available. The closest match I can find is 8.5" x 7" pitch. I'm not surprised you can't find a decent prop choice a much less popular Suzuki model.

The delay you are talking about on reverse gear makes me think of a cavitation problem, or something related to the specific hull shape of your sailboat. In my humble opinion, LESS pitch and larger diameter prop will reduce slipping and cavitation, not more pitch. Increasing the diameter of the prop will seriously increase prop resistance and REDUCE RPM, but reducing pitch will restore normal RPM and slippage/cavitation. Increasing prop diameter alone is not desirable because your engine may simply stall at idle. Reducing pitch AND increasing diameter (or increasing the number of blades) will likely produce a better control docking at idle speed.

Another option is to consider to improve low speed control is adding Kort Nozzle Kort nozzle concept

Martin, Sandpiper 565 #925

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