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Mirage 35 ( )
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy liliane (IP Logged)
Date: 02/02/2006 09:06PM

I am looking at bying a Mirage 35 1986 and noticed that generally theall Mirage 35 1986 sale for less than the Mirage 35 1985.
Were there any problems with the 1986 Mirage 35 feet when they buit them?

Thank you

Re: Mirage 35 ( )
Posted by: F : Capitaine de frégate (capf) | E: Commander (Cdr) sebastien-M25 (IP Logged)
Date: 02/09/2006 10:50PM

i'm not familiar with the 35 but i think there is no difference between both of models i own a 1987 mirage 25 and i see a lot of other mirage they are all like the same in theese years except for equippement features and size excuse my english Sourire  - smiling smiley

Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Don (IP Logged)
Date: 09/04/2006 11:41AM

I crewed on a 1983 Mirage 33 for 3 years. The first year we lost the mast in a club race. Found out that the bow plate was a weak point. It was not properly fastened to the hull. Lucky for us, one of the former factory supervisors lived in Nova Scotia at the time and he knew exactly what to do...... he built a new stainless steel bow plate and made sure it was properly fastened to the bow deck & hull. Not cheap, but our owner had good insurance.

Re: Mirage 35 ( )
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy (IP Logged)
Date: 10/24/2007 08:54PM

The i985 was designed by Robery Perry, one of the world's best known sailboat designers. Its the only year he designed the 35', and therefore a more desirable boat and...of course...more expensive. I've seen lots 86's and 87's and I own an 85. There's a distinct difference though thery are all nice boats.

hope this helps


Re: Mirage 35 ( )
Posted by: F : Commodore (cmdre) | E: Commodore (Cmdre)F : Commodore (cmdre) | E: Commodore (Cmdre) Sugata (IP Logged)
Date: 04/29/2008 02:39PM

The Mirage 35 and 39's are very different from the 33's and smaller units. They are not affected by the bow plate weakness (holding the forward stay) this is a localized problem.

The 35 is a good unit and there should not be much difference in price between on year and the next. Its more an issue of quality of maintenance over the years, equipement on individual boats and wear and tear... I have seen boats that have not weathered time very well because their owners do not maintain them well. An other factor currently is that many boat owners who purchased their boats in US$$$ back when the Canadian $$ was at 79cents are trying to make up for the theoretical depreciation they have suffered... You basically have to look at each boat individually and determine if the price asked is in line with the value represented... A survey is always a good way to double check these facts.

Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?) (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy A.Wright (IP Logged)
Date: 06/24/2009 02:57PM

My 1988 35' Mirage dose not seem to have an emergency rudder, is the correct action to get into the stern cavity and manually move the steering arm?

Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?) (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy john bamford (IP Logged)
Date: 01/22/2010 02:15PM

We have a mirage 35, 1986 which is currently in the stainless fabricator's shop having a total facelift.The bow plate(aluminum was showing signs of eminent failure so we fabricated a new one out of stainless steel with double anchor rollers built in. The boat is also getting a new maststep, new stainless stanchion bases, new walk thru bow rail with LED lighting as well as forward leaning arch with integrated stern rail and seats.The arch will also have led lighting on the under side. New clipper instruments are being added to the steering guard and we will probably put speakers in where the instruments used to be in the hatch cowling.The broken plastic hatch sliders and rear corner cap plates have also be replaced with stainless steel.A new stereo and anchor windlass are also being added.This brings the boat into a totally updated cruiser for a fraction of what it would cost for a lower quality ,new 35 footer. looking forward to sailing this one.

Mirage 35 Window Leaks (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Leo (IP Logged)
Date: 03/20/2010 12:56PM

I have a 1990 Mirage 35 with leaky windows. Do I need to replace the grey vinyl gasket and if so where can I purchase? Leo

Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy William Harrison (IP Logged)
Date: 03/29/2010 03:59PM

There is a mirage forum at: They have loads of data.

The issue of the vinyl window seal has been pursued, and no none has found an exact replacement. Check with


Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?) (Boat maintenance) (Various - Pot-Pourri)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy dick steffen (IP Logged)
Date: 04/20/2010 11:24AM

have questions re Mirage boats
Just ask - built them

Re: Mirage 35 ( )
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy dick steffen (IP Logged)
Date: 05/03/2010 01:44PM

all Mirage 35's were designed by Bob Perry and all were built with the same care with small annual updates (engine - interior finish etc).

differences in current pricing would and should reflect the care in maintenace of these fine boats.


Re: Mirage 35 ( )
Posted by: F : Matelot de 2e classe (mat 2) | E: Able Seaman (AB) Mirage 275 (IP Logged)
Date: 05/11/2010 04:29PM

Mr. Steffen it's good to hear from you!

Would you know how many Mirage 275 were built?

I've just bought one in Toronto and brought it back in Papineauville Qc and I'm just curious.

Thank You!


Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy dick steffen (IP Logged)
Date: 05/13/2010 11:25AM

bonjour Guy

in response to how many Mirage 275s were built : I dont recall exactly but would guess 30-40.

The 275 was designed by Philip Harle of France who probably designed the most boats that were built.


Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Matelot de 2e classe (mat 2) | E: Able Seaman (AB) Mirage 275 (IP Logged)
Date: 05/14/2010 08:44AM

Thank you Mr. Stefen for the info.
Actualy this is my second Mirage.
I've bought a Mirage 26 from Mr. Gariepy from champlain Lake who told me
he was the owner of one of the transport company that were delivering the new Mirage when they were in production.

It must feel good to see so much interest over Mirage boat 20 years after.

Thank you kindly!

Guy. proud owner of Mirage boats

Re: Mirage 39 (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Bruce (IP Logged)
Date: 06/17/2010 03:00PM

Hi Steffen

I am interested is a Mirage 39 which is for sale. I used to own a C&C 40. I'd be interested in youropinion on how the two boats compare - quality of construction and sailing ability? Do you have ay opinion that night asist me?



Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy John Moir (IP Logged)
Date: 12/30/2010 10:42AM

I have owned M35 #154 for the last 12 years & have sailed The Saint john river system, Bay Of Fundy and Maine Coast. I have also raced a Mirage 33 for several years. I can attest to the quality of these boats, they are very solid, tough, safe boats that will serve you well for a long time.Like any other boat they require ongoing maintenance .

Re: Mirage 35 ( ) (Opinion about this sail boat?)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Paul Strzelec (IP Logged)
Date: 02/23/2011 11:01PM

i'm the owner of Mirage 33'for the past 4 years sailing on lake ontario.
i'm thinking of going down erie canal, intracoastal to florida, down to bahamas.
any body has an opinion perhaps similar experience with this boat.
basically is this boat strong enough for atlantic conditions?

1981 Mirage 26 (Boat maintenance)
Posted by: F : Moussaillon - E : Ship's Boy Sue (IP Logged)
Date: 02/24/2011 08:37AM

Good Moning Mr. Steffen
We have a minorleak around the Starboard window in the salon area.It seems to have a hairline crack in it as well,is it possible to replace the plexi only? Also, I have been having some difficulty determining the exact holding capacity of the holding and water tanks. Can you tell me what they would be?
Our OMC died just after buying her but the 9.9HP works very well for us. I read that some early models were designed with outboards before the transom was changed. Regardless of all of the above, this is one fast boat and I plan on sailing her for many more years!
Thank you for creating her!

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