For example write :-) and you will get:  ../smilies/smilie1.gif (265 octets)

To include a smily into your texte, all you have to do is to write the proper code. When your message is posted, the code is replace by the chosen smily.
CODE English


:-) Smile
:-( Sad
;-) Wink
:o Embarrass
:happy: Happy
:D Extra smile
:p Thong out
:cool: Cool
:drink: Thirsty
:angry: Angry
:spos: Tumb up
:sneg: Tumb down
:jbp: JBP jpb.gif (92 octets)
:ange: Angel
:bec: Smac !
:cadeau: Present
:cash: Cash
:chin-chin: Chin chin !
:facher1: Mad
:facher2: Mad
:sol: Super cool
:bong: Bounce
:diable: Devel
:humm: Hungry
:mad2: Mad
:sleep: Sleepy
:spin: Spin
:sjoke: Very funny
CODE English Smilies
:rolleyes: Eyes rolled
:mad: Mad
:eek: Eek
:confused: What ?
:hot: Hot
:xcool: Extra cool
:joke: It's a joke
:cheers: Cheers!
:rp: Spinning head
:silly: Toto silly.gif (1014 octets)
:FL: FL vfl.gif (1763 octets)
:heureu1: Happy
:heureu2: Happy
:lunette1: Glasses
:Oeil: Eye
:Phone: Phone
:Pleurs: Cry
:grimace: Grine
:Pirate: Pirate
:gene2: Shy
:hello: Hello
:love1: Love
:larme: Tear
:eek2: Eek...


Personel Smilies

It is our pleasure to add your own smilies...
Obviously Every one can use them...

A Guy A Girl
:FL: FL vfl.gif (1763 octets)
:jbp: JBP jpb.gif (92 octets)
:eric: La Marotte jpb.gif (92 octets)
:lfsq: LFSQ jpb.gif (92 octets)
:lfsq2: LFSQ jpb.gif (92 octets)
:shecap: SheCap jpb.gif (92 octets)